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  • Previously

    I decided to do this post to give everyone a back story to this adventure. When everyone got together (which will be explained in character bios). Thier first (documented) adventure was when a Neobedioun ask them to revieved his wife from pirates that …

  • Change of DM

    This is a quick notice that I have made aldin gadgeeter DM. Any further posts and logs will be of him.

  • Change of GM

    This is a quick notice that I have made aldin gadgeeter GM. Any further posts and logs will be of him.

  • Home Page

    An adventure of Airships, Pirates and Drama. Welcome to a campaign based of the songs and books of Abeny Park. I've created this Campaign half way though the Adventure and there will be unanswered questions. but I will put in everything that has happen …

  • Main Page

    [[The mastodon | The mastodon]] [[the hooligans | the hooligans]] [[Thunderton | Thunderton]] [[Felix's car | Felix's car]]

  • [[The masterdon]]

    the masterdon,the main airship of this particular crew, was won by Benjamin pickles,the captain,in a game of chance (you can be sure he cheated,he's a pirate after all)

  • Thunderton

    [[File:396519 | class=media-item-align-none | thunderton.png]] the city of which the crew of the masterdon overtook by killing the mayor and his body guards. it was overtaken after the police attacked the crew in responce to a bar fight that got out of …

  • Felix's car

    The car of Felix Ironhand, was originally a police car but Felix convinced the police officer to give it to him in exchange for safe passage out of certain death. [[File:396545 | class=media-item-align-none | iron_foot.jpg]]

  • Sarah Eagle

    Sarah was the Captain's stalker (Benjamin Pickles) she would stalk him everywhere he went. But after a mix up with the Hooligans, another stalker(more of a gang). Not looking for pickle's sweet body and family jewels, more of his head and heart. She saved …